Creating healing art; to help all live::love with a whole heart.


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My intent is to be a beacon of love in a world full of shadows. A bridge between this world and what exists beyond. To heal, then feed the love that starts within, connects two people, and grows to expand out from them.

With clear eyes, I see the synchronistic beauty within, around and between us. With a wide-open soul, I sense what's real, what we feel. Connecting it all, I go below the surface to pull up and offer out truth about this life we live. I feel deeply. Everything inside of me. Everything inside of you. All the feelings that are unique, yet similar. Illusive, yet real. Shattering, yet healing. I pour those feelings into all that I make.

Weaving stories filled with light that heals. Creating paintings that act as portals, connecting you more clearly to what exists beyond. Crafting what can be worn close to the body to heal all. Painting the shape of a person’s energy, to show what the soul wants seen. Creating beauty that works magic on one, then two. Spreading healing art that clears what weighs heavy on all.

Our power multiplying with momentum, together we move forward. Whole. Intent on clearing the fog of distraction. Positive that people can change. Hopeful that the world will follow. Healing the divide between the masculine and feminine — first within, then without — to guide people to love themselves and their partners unconditionally, with purpose. Determined that this united love will change the world.

True Love. It's what we all deserve.


Artist :: Healer :: Twin Flame

A twin flame, intuitive healer, and artist, I’ve been on a tremendous spiritual ride for five years. My mainstream urban life exploded after meeting my twin flame in 2014 and our separation triggered me to leave everything behind, including a 15-yr career in Advertising, to focus on healing. In 2015, I wrote and self-published a memoir – Who Broke The Girl? – which narrates a 30-year cycle of broken patterns. I then went from being an avid recipient of various modalities of energy work to becoming a professional intuitive healer. Continuing to evolve, I now paint hearts embedded with healing (HeArt) and create activations kits to amplify their energy. Intent on helping people overcome the wounding, karma, patterns, and programming holding them back in life and love, I recently published a book about my Twin Flame journey – Reborn – and I actively post on IG as @LiveLoveWhole. I also send out. . . .