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BOOK: Who Broke The Girl?

BOOK: Who Broke The Girl?


A thoughtful reflection on the healing of a wounded life. Narrated by her soul, we flow through the girl’s life from the time she’s born through the times she learns how to feel broken, and then as her dreams break apart on her. Never stopping as she follows a road that leads her around the world, the girl trips on all the broken pieces, both inside and out, that come up along the way. 

The girl won't have a name here. The only way to understand the girl is to see what's inside of her, the same things inside of everyone she brings into her life. Deeply personal, yet universal in the emotions she experiences, the story of this girl's life offers a beacon of hope to those setting out on their own road to personal happiness.

This girl, when she was a 12-year-old girl, sat herself down in her hard seat, at her wooden desk, in her house that couldn’t keep the cold out. She pressed the sharp tip of her pencil to the first straight line of her blank paper, and waited for her words to come. The pencil knew the story the words would tell. There was a girl. A strong girl who went out to travel a hard road by herself. A strong girl, on a hard road, who faced cold fear by herself. Who took care of herself. Who found courage for herself.

The tip of this girl’s pencil stayed sharp, and her paper stayed blank. She was blank. She was 12. She hadn’t gone any farther, down her own road, than the road that circled the small block that her cold house was on. She hadn’t gone any further, down her own road, then to face down the fears of the family she lived with in that cold house. The family that was too afraid to let this girl off that block. She put her pencil down, and forgot the girl on the road, without ever realizing she was that girl. A girl who would have to wait for her words until her road got longer.

Over the next 25 years, while this girl forgot about the strong girl on a road, her steps took her far. Driving this girl in one direction, before she pushed it in different directions. Running her straight into her fears, before turning, and breaking her on her happiest dreams. A road that dropped low, low enough to force this girl to wake up, before she dropped too low to get back up. A road that lifted this girl up higher, high enough so she could lift herself up higher, to reach her highest self. After 25 years, once she ran her road down, the words about a strong girl on a road came to this girl.

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"A beautiful narrative, journey, and lesson about the life we live. Costantino takes on tough and often heartbreaking themes as she shares the deepest corners of her soul. While the story is deeply and singularly hers, her thoughts and feelings are hugely accessible. I often found myself relating the descriptions of her characters to people I've experienced in my own life. So much so that I almost felt like I was participating in her story. She is a unique storyteller who has found a power in her voice that can be felt by many. The result is beautiful and freeing and gut wrenching all at the same time."

– Ashley Svrceck

"Cristina Costantino has written a beautiful story. Her narrative voice is unique and the story of her life spins organically and seamlessly as if a spider weaving a silk. This is a personal story, hers, but the writing is intentionally reflective allowing the reader to insert herself into the story, taking Costantino's place. After all, for most of us, our personal journey's are similar even if time and place are not the same. Thoughtfully conceived over a life time and written with a seasoned hand, you will enjoy this book."

– Courtney C. Jones

"The style is unique, poetic, and purposeful. The girl does not have a name, which highlights what is universal about the author’s deeply personal experiences. It is prose to savor like verse with wisdom that sinks deep."

– A. Sandell

"A memoir by definition, "Who Broke The Girl?" is a rhetorical question more than anything. Written by New Yorker Cristina Costantino, the book is an ethereal recounting of one woman's life in one particular set of circumstances.

It's lyrical and simple. It is the simplicity of her words that make the book resonate. The shared stories and experiences of the author as she navigates through life come across as a song. The melody gets in your head like an earworm, except the lyrics aren't superficial. Instead, they are emotions conveyed through the medium of humanity.

Resilience is a skill we all want, and, to a certain extent, require to live a long and happy life. "Who Broke The Girl?" gives a personal edge to some life lessons that can apply to anyone's life, without placing the blame on everyone else but one's self."

- Reading Other People